The Goomi Guarantee

Our classes stretch body & mind to achieve overall well-being by bringing your team together for a fun mental break during the workday. We guarantee every session will leave your team ready to take on the world – or at the very least, the rest of the day. Below, we’ve listed some client favorites, but other class types are available upon request!



Whether you prefer the type of silent meditation that focuses your mind inward for insightful introspection, or the transcendental variety that uses repetition of a mantra, our instructors lead you on the path to relaxing your body and calming your mind. If you can sit upright and breathe, you CAN meditate!  


Happiness is at our fingertips! We help your team relax, rejuvenate, and relieve tension within minutes with our on-site massages. No space? No problem! We can fit our table or chair into even the smallest office.

Vinyasa Yoga

If you like to go with the flow, Vinyasa Yoga will get you sweating in a hurry. Fast-paced and high-energy, it is challenging and invigorating - strengthening your entire body with constantly changing positions. Focusing more on your actions and less on your action-item list. Clearing your mind of everything but your next move.

Lunch & Learn

You provide the lunch—we provide the learning! This less formal approach is an easy way to develop and motivate employees and can take place anywhere and anytime. Sessions may cover important issues such as the Importance of Sleep, Exercise Injury, Meditation, and Taking Care of Your Heart. It’s brief and to the point. More importantly, it’s necessary to help your team lead healthy happy balanced lives. 

Cooking Demos

Our Chefs will create and prep the recipes of your choice. We will shop for and prep all the materials needed for the recipes your team will learn to cook. We'll even carry the groceries in for you! 

Health Fair

Our Health Fairs are interactive and include (3) Massage Therapists for 7-hours, (1) Nutritionist for 7-hours, (1) Boardroom Yoga session, (1) Meditation session, (1) Cooking Demo, and (1) Fitness/Yoga session of your choice. It’s a great touch point for employees to get a feel for each wellness element Goomi offers!

Boardroom Yoga

If you are short on space, we can take you through a series of stretches in your chair. No mats. No yoga pants. No worries. You will come out feeling better than you went in. When’s the last time you were able to say that about spending lunch time in a conference room?  We suggest loosening your tie first.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga takes its name from the Sun and the Moon, focusing on balancing asanas (postures), as well as breathing techniques and meditation. Combining all the different aspects of Yoga makes you stronger and more flexible, without feeling like you've been through the ringer.

Boardroom Room Yoga

Give your conference attendees a break. Stretch their bodies with fun team-building exercises, and break up the day to prevent it from blurring into one long parade of faces. Strengthen bodies and business relationships, while also improving information retention and focus throughout the day.


No enlistment required! This class will work every muscle in your body and get that heart rate up. Our instructors focus on strength training combined with cardio so you can sweat out the stress from your day!


Wanna be a bad-ass? Well, at least you can workout like one! This class is exible to serve the needs of everyone - combining aerobics, boxing, and martial arts. It’s a fun and intense total-body workout that improves strength, exibility, coordination and balance. 


Our nutritionists o er a variety
of customizable services
such as seminars, cooking demonstrations and one-on- one private consultations. We’ll help you build out your health fairs, weight loss challenges, and provide personalized nutrition programs for each individual. 


Blending the flexibility and serenity of yoga with the strength and grace of ballet, Pilates focuses on the core muscles.  It works to strengthen the abs and back muscles.  We offer this course to everyone, because who doesn't want better abs and posture?

Let's Get Started

Average $200 per hour or $115 per 30 minutes.
Each session can host an unlimited number of participants.