We Bring Balance to Your Workplace

Goomi brings yoga, meditation, kick-boxing, nutritional evaluations, massages, and more – directly to your office! Whether you’re first-timers or pro athletes, Goomi customizes every class to fit your specific needs. We’ll work with you to determine the best area in your office space for your session; and with morning, lunchtime, and after work classes available, we’re easy to fit into your schedule

Goomi has over 100 instructors nationwide that bring balance to your workplace, here are just a few of our amazing people from Goomi Group:

Mika Leah

My life changed on my 33rd birthday when I found myself breathless with chest pains on an easy hike in Temescal Canyon. The cardiologist’s tests revealed that something was wrong, and told me I needed surgery right away. Even though I already led an active lifestyle and maintained a healthy diet, my heart had a major blockage to the main artery. The doctors told me that birthday hike had saved my life.

Three procedures, five stents, and five years later, I’m still here and I understand that life needs to be lived with love and joy throughout, not just “when you can fit it in.” You can enjoy what you do every day, and you can make a difference in the world. This is why I founded Goomi - to give people the opportunity to live a healthy, balanced life.

Adam Pedicini
Kickboxing / Bootcamp / Circuit Training

Adam has a strong love for the arts and adventure sports. When not working, he spends his time training, competing in multi-sport marathons, and pursuing the next source of adrenalin.

A true outdoors man at heart Adam has the ability to fuse his love of fitness and the outdoors in one. Also a professional performer his classes high energy, challenging and above all entertaining! So get your splits on, jump for joy because life is that much better when you have a smile on your dial!


Laura Anderson

Laura’s Power Vinyasa based style, focuses on combining the importance of alignment with strength, toning, athleticism and flow. She draws from her lifelong athletic based training, professional athletic career including beach volleyball, and passion for teaching from her master’s degree in education. Students describe her energetic nature, attention to detail, and contagious personality as a truly unique experience.

Laura's end goal is to motivate students to a heightened sense of lifestyle through mindfulness of movement and higher level of awareness and openness of mind, body and heart.

In short, she’s striving for ninja status.


Jamie Wozny

Jamie originally came to Los Angeles to be an actress and her path soon shifted as she began to focus on how to heal from a chronic illness. Her deep knowing that there was an alternative way to heal other than conventional medicine took her on a deep inner journey of healing through alternative modalities. Most of all she is passionate about teaching loving spiritual principles and seeing other's eyes light up when they remember their own inner truth as well. Her deepest desire is to help you be unapologetically happy in your existence, which is why Jamie has been dubbed "The Happiness Guru" by her students. 


Ilana Mulstein
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Ilana Muhlstein R.D.N is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She works at UCLA leading the Bruin Health Improvement Program and is a nutrition consultant for several companies including Herbalife, The Wonderful Company, PIMCO, Curves Gyms, and Whole Foods Markets. Ilana is also the lead nutritionist for Fit2Fat2Fit, a reality TV series premiering on the A&E Network. In addition, she is a group fitness and yoga instructor!

Ilana has a unique framework for overcoming weight plateaus, revving up slow moving metabolisms and ensuring a healthy weight maintenance for many years to come. Ilana specializes in helping patients treat and manage diabetes, heart disease, oncology, thyroid diseases, emotional disorders, disordered eating, optimizing prenatal and postpartum health, and improving pediatric nutrition.

Robert Guck

Robert is a certified massage therapist and a graduate of National Holistic Institute in Studio City, CA. He uses his massage skills to provide clients with an escape from every day stress. The reason Robert got in to massage therapy was to connect with people and help people reconnect with their bodies and minds. Since becoming a massage therapist he has noticed a decrease in his own stress and learned the healing power of touch. If Robert can give you a good massage and make you happy, then he is happy.


Janice Chiou
Yoga & Meditation

Janice Chiou is a former attorney who converted to yoga once she realized that her happiest and most peaceful moments were on the mat. The ensuing journey included a lot of yoga philosophy reading, a 500 hr teacher training through YogaWorks Los Angeles, study with Jill Miller and Maty Ezraty, and a 1000 hr therapeutics yoga training under Jasmine Lieb. Her love/hate relationship to meditation has shaped her practice and teaching: she believes that the practice of yoga postures act as a gateway to meditation, a space to cultivate internal awareness and focus and equanimity. To that end, her classes are breath and alignment based, with the goal of promoting happiness and peace on and off the mat.


Rick Boxeth

Chef Rick attended Culinary School in Santa Barbara, CA. After graduation, he went on to complete a three year apprenticeship under the guidelines of the American Culinary Federation at Fess Parker’s Red Lion Resort (now called the The Fess Parker) and received the title of Certified Culinarian. He then spent a year in New Orleans at the Windsor Court Hotel with Chef Kevin Graham. Then it was back to California to work with Michel Richard at Citrus in Hollywood. After 3 years, Michel sent Chef Rick to France to study under Marc Meneau at L’ Esperance, a move that changed his culinary life.


J O I N  O U R  T E A M


If you are interested in joining our team as an instructor, please contact us below and attach your resume.

 We ensure that all of our teachers are certified through a recognized organization and require them to be certified in Emergency First Aid/CPR, as well as carry liability insurance.

 We only hire the BEST of the BEST and in order to do so, we meet with each of our teachers face to face and screen them completely before we hire them.