Big News for a Small Business

Hey Goomis, we're about to get personal; YOU matter. Our community of Goomis has lifted us up time and time again, and we are so thankful for each of you. Today, we have an extraordinary favor to ask from you; we need you to vote. Okay yes, in the presidential election, but that's not what we're talking about here today. We need you to vote for GOOMI in Square's brassy contest. This contest honors those small businesses who've persevered, and been shamelessly bold as the name implies. So, why does this matter? As a small business, most days you feel like a college student living off of Ramen, and yet trying to find coins that have fallen in the cracks of the couch to pay for marketing expenses, or to fund the latest idea that will take your company to the next level. My point is, the contest winner will be rewarded with mentorship and financial assistance to help grow their business. That's why we need you to vote, and not just once. Everyday through October 9th. YOU MATTER, and your vote really could make all the difference. You can vote at this link or you can google "the brassys contest" and on that page you will find an icon that says "vote for your favorite" then search Goomi. We have also posted the link in our profile. Each vote can be done from multiple email addresses, and can be voted once a day every day. Please help us, and please share this post to your personal social pages; whether you've met us yet or not. The more shares, the more likes, the more we can come together as a community to make this dream a reality. Finally, thank you all so much, we can't possibly begin to express Our gratitude in this journey. With love, and humble hearts. #Goomi #goomiapproved #goomisquad