Happy work-anniversary to us, and to you!

Goomi just reached our one-year anniversary on August 19th. That got us thinking, wow, what a huge milestone! We know that most companies have a transient environment, where many employees don’t see it past their first year. It is crazy to think that companies are so quick to waste valuable recruitment and training time to replace one employee for the next, when they could just as easily work to improve retaining employees instead.  

When something is broken, you fix it. 70 percent of employed American workers admit to being disengaged at work and the cost of disengagement is valued at $500 billion in lost productivity annually to U.S. businesses, according to the Gallup Organization.

Which is why you owe it to your company and employees to discover a corporate wellness program that engages your team. Here at Goomi, we believe that a great company culture is what attracts talented employees and keeps them long term. By bringing health and wellness classes on-site, you are showing your employees that you aren’t just about the bottom line, and that they aren't just warming a cubicle for the time being. You create a culture of goal setting and team bonding, and a company that sweats together stays together! Let us help you keep your employees happy, healthy, and around year after year.