The Receiving Project

My name is Jamie Wozny and I'm a Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer, Transformational Life Coach, Soul Explorer and Peace Teacher. 

I've created an experiment all about receiving. Are you sick of not having what you want in your life? Are you ready to open up to the gifts in your life that are your birthright? It's time to open the energy channel of receiving. It's easy and fun! 

All you have to do for the next thirty days is receive! When someone or even the universe, offers to pay or give you something: An idea, an opportunity, a compliment, a nice gesture like a door held...and the list goes on... Just say yes or thank you! Watch your old past patterning get in the way with comments like, "you don't have to do that!" Or "no that's not necessary!" Or "I don't take things, I work for them". Notice and just smile at how this is just a subjective opinion and choose to receive now. 

Stop pushing away your gifts! They are coming to you for a reason. You are learning to elegantly accept and honor them now. It may feel uncomfortable at first but that's ok! You are spreading your wings and the rewards here are so worth it!

Body Flows Yoga Retreats

This year we've partnered with Body Flows Yoga Retreats.  They are a great resource to find Yoga get-aways in your local area. To find out more, go to

Happy work-anniversary to us, and to you!

Goomi just reached our one-year anniversary on August 19th. That got us thinking, wow, what a huge milestone! We know that most companies have a transient environment, where many employees don’t see it past their first year. It is crazy to think that companies are so quick to waste valuable recruitment and training time to replace one employee for the next, when they could just as easily work to improve retaining employees instead.  

When something is broken, you fix it. 70 percent of employed American workers admit to being disengaged at work and the cost of disengagement is valued at $500 billion in lost productivity annually to U.S. businesses, according to the Gallup Organization.

Which is why you owe it to your company and employees to discover a corporate wellness program that engages your team. Here at Goomi, we believe that a great company culture is what attracts talented employees and keeps them long term. By bringing health and wellness classes on-site, you are showing your employees that you aren’t just about the bottom line, and that they aren't just warming a cubicle for the time being. You create a culture of goal setting and team bonding, and a company that sweats together stays together! Let us help you keep your employees happy, healthy, and around year after year. 

Get Out Of Town, Your Life Depends On It!

The temperature is rising, the grills are smoking, and American flags are waving in the yards of our neighbors, and friends; a welcome sign that the Fourth of July holiday is quickly approaching. Meanwhile, many workers across the U.S. have not put their time-off requests in to celebrate the season, why? It’s a question that needs to be asked by managers, HR departments, and bosses alike. The harsh reality is that the problem lies with you. Before you click out of this article, and insist that it is completely ludicrous, I challenge you to read on, and see if you are the problem or if you can lead the vacation revolution.

Time away from work allows people to recharge, a necessary component of wellness.  Developing a corporate culture that encourages employees to take vacations is a crucial element of any wellness program.

Getting away from it all isn’t only healthy for your team; your company reaps the benefits too. Countless studies suggest that companies achieve lower health care costs and improved productivity when their employees make time for vacations.

An annual vacation can cut a person’s risk of heart attack by 50%.

Blood pressure declines after only 1-2 days being away from the office.

Overwork costs employers approx $150 billion a year in stress-related absences.

With vacation season upon us, it’s a great time for employers to foster a culture that makes it acceptable to take time off. 

It’s time to find the balanced life you’ve been searching for. We at Goomi know this is possible. Can’t you feel the sand between your toes already? 

*Source: U.S. Travel Association

5 Easy Ways to Take Care of YOU

Do you ever feel like you can’t make it off the busy treadmill of life to breathe?  Sometimes I feel so overbooked that it feels like I can’t possibly squeeze in one more thing.  I know I am not alone and that everyone feels this way from time to time.  The problem is that stress management can affect your overall health.  I’m always saying that A Balanced Life Is Possible For Everyone, and that’s absolutely true.  Sometimes it just requires a little…I hate to say it… planning.

Set aside a few minutes of your day to recharge your own battery, just like you would your phone. Here are some of my favorite mid-week mental getaways:

  1. Step away from all electronics and go outside and breathe deeply. Oxygen equals energy and this is such a simple way to reclaim some of yours. You take time to use the bathroom—you simply can’t avoid it, right? Take time for your mental health, as well. 

  2. Light a candle and put on some soothing music. It’s amazing how much we absorb the stress in our environment. Even if you work in a busy office or have kids running around you, this is a great way to influence your surrounding community, and create a peaceful place for everyone. 

  3. Run a bath before you go to bed. Bath-time isn’t just for the kids. A soothing tub of bubbles and essential oils can erase stress and forces you to relax and be away from the world. Pour yourself a glass of something cold as an added bonus.

  4. Laugh. Finding humor in every situation is a skill that needs to be exercised.  Laughter increases endorphins in your body, quickens your pulse and increases your oxygen intake, which gives you a mental boost. It’s also great for the abs!

  5. Meditate. Closing your eyes and focusing inwardly will give you a fresh perspective on things and can knock otherwise-seemingly-large problems down to size.

You can also book a regular yoga or meditation class to be done weekly right in your office. Then everyone feels better and productivity increases! Don’t have an instructor? Call us and we’ll set you up with one.

Let’s find balance together.



New Year - New Launch

Goomi has had a great first year! To celebrate and to start the New Year off right, we are launching our brand new blog—a place where we can offer you health and fitness tips, plus ways to stay positive and find the balance in each day.

The New Year is a time to reflect on our growth---on the many things we’ve done right, and, inevitably, on things we’d like to improve upon in the coming year. And after a busy and often gluttonous holiday season, the number one resolution each year often has to do with improving our health and fitness. 

And it’s hard to stay on track and stay positive when the odds are against us! Studies show that by the time the end of January hits, over half of those New Year’s Resolutions have fallen by the wayside and ultimately only 8% of resolutions made are actually achieved. So how do we set realistic goals for ourselves and make them work? 

It’s time to make ourselves the priority. We ARE good at setting schedules and making goals each week and following them. As a busy working mom, I get it. We all live for the calendar each week. We make appointments for our hair, the dentist, we have on the calendar the day for taking out the trash or moving the car for street sweeping or taking medications at a certain time of the day, dropping your children off at practices or games, and even appointments for the dog groomer. While we prioritize what we think is important, the question becomes what is more important than our health? So, how about appointment exercising? This year why not try booking out your workouts on the calendar, and make yourself and your health and fitness a priority? Even if you’re going by yourself, booking it on the calendar, setting aside that time for you and holding yourself accountable to it can make a big difference.  When someone asks if you’re available during that time, you’ll learn to say no and keep to your schedule. By keeping a regular schedule and holding to it, these appointments start to become a lifestyle and then---guess what---it becomes easy! 

Here are a few tips on how to make it happen:

  1. Book it. Set a schedule that works and get it on the calendar for 30 minutes a day, 3-5 times per week

  2. Hold each other accountable. Teaming up can help with motivation, too. Meet up with a friend for a walk and to catch up, three times a week or book a class.

  3. Mix it up. Calendar a blend of body benefits by doing a variety of workouts that focus on different body parts—throw in a couple of walks, get in some Pilates, add in some good yoga sessions, get outside and hike or run or, weather permitting, go for a bike ride. Variety is the spice of life!

  4. Don’t beat yourself up. Take it easy on yourself and stay positive. You can do this! Believing you can is half the battle.

  5. Take a regular class. If you know that a class falls on a certain day, show up. You’ll see that others are doing the same thing and they will start to hold you accountable.

  6. Work getting in the way? Set up a Goomi Group yoga class for your office, school or place of work. You’ll find the balance, get in some good stretching and it will provide you inspiration, good health and motivation to get through the rest of the day. 

I know you can do it if you just put your mind to it.  Let’s make 2016 your healthiest yet. 

Namaste and Happy New Year!