Meditation for Type A Personalities

Meditation for Type A Personalities

We live in a world that buzzes from the moment we awaken to when our head hits the pillow.  If you’re like me, you have your day planned out from start to finish with your foot on the accelerator nonstop. Nonstop is an important word here, because our culture, especially in the workplace, thrives and prides itself on the constant movement of accomplishing tasks. Time to find the balance.

Are you rolling your eyes?  Listen, I get it. Most of the time, I feel like adding in something as quiet and serene as meditation seems laughable.  I’m a mom and a business owner and there is just NO WAY I can clear my mind or sit still for longer than 2 minutes.

Consider that maybe it’s time to give yourself a break and release some of the expectations you have for yourself so that you can recharge your battery to keep that momentum. 

So, first, let me clarify a few things about meditation.

1. Meditation is not about clearing your thoughts. Thoughts are to the brain what blood is to the body. Neither can go without the other and stopping your thoughts is impossible.  

2. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Meditation is called a PRACTICE for a reason. You are not expected to do it perfectly. So, cut yourself some slack. Find your own space to give it a try and allow yourself permission to do it in your own unique way. 

Different people approach meditation in dozens of different ways. Here are a few of many options for you to check out:

  • You can do it au natural and just sit down in silence for 10 minutes.
  • Color or draw for 20 minutes.
  • Spend time writing in your journal.

  • If you love nature, go for a walk outside.

Practice makes perfect

Even if you’re only able to carve out two minutes a day, the more you practice meditation, the greater the benefits will be over time.

Looking for guided meditation for your workplace?  Give us a call to schedule a regular session.  A balanced life is possible for everyone.