10 Reasons Workplace Wellness Works
Less time for self-care, declining energy, more sick days and stress contribute to decreased productivity, increased absenteeism and a general morale problem. Thankfully, workplace wellness programs have entered into play to help mitigate health challenges of workers, while being mutually beneficial for companies. 

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Be a Boss at Change: 3 Steps to Success!

Craving a little change? It’s no secret that change is well, hard. So, what’s the secret to being successful at change and sticking to everlasting new habits? It’s all about your readiness and once you’re raring to go, the process. Here’s our formula for being a boss at change.
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Water Before Coffee
If you are a “wake up and grab your coffee first” kind of person, you should be aware of the negative affects it can have on your body. This doesn’t mean you need to give up your coffee altogether, instead there is a simple solution - reach for a glass of water first!  

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Depression in the Workplace
Mental health issues, particularly clinical depression, can play a unique role in the workplace. Employees suffering from untreated depression can be argumentative, unreliable and unproductive causing a decline in overall workplace happiness by their actions, which can have an effect on office culture and the bottom line.

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5 Reasons to Get Outside
Warm weather is here at last! Time to venture into the great outdoors for some fun spring activities that will help you stretch both your body and your mind. Here are five ways to plan a local adventure that will take you outside and get you exploring.    

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Don't Let Your Business Trip Derail Your Healthy Habits
When work takes you out of town, you don’t have to give up your exercise, meditation, yoga, nutrition, or sleep routine.

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Map Out a Walking Routine 

Walking is great because it requires no gym membership and no extra equipment, which makes it a simple thing to add into your schedule since you can do it anywhere, anytime. 

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Sitting at a Desk for 8 Hours a Day is Harmful to your Heart

We go to work.  We come home.  We eat and we rest up.  Even if we’re working out in the morning before heading to the office, sitting at a desk all day and then getting home and “resting” in front of the TV or a video console can be incredibly harmful to your heart. 

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Simple Meditation Techniques for Beginners 
You’ve heard so much about the many benefits that a regular meditation practice can bring to your life...  But let’s face it, meditation can be intimidating at first. 

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The Buddy System Works

Spring is here and summer is coming. Are you feeling the pressure? If you want to get your fitness routine started, consider teaming up with a friend.

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Mika Leah interview with Yitzi Weiner
Words of Wisdom with Mika Leah, a fitness expert, mother, young heart disease survivor and CEO of Goomi. 
It is our mission at Goomi Group to share Mika's story so that others don't have to end up like her - on an operating table. Want to know how?

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Meditation for Type A Personalities
If you're like me you have your day planned out from start to finish with your foot on the accelerator nonstop. I'm a mom and a business owner and there is just NO WAY I can clear my mind or sit still for more than 2 minutes.

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On Being Kind

Kindness. It is a concept that gets tossed around, placed into hashtags, yearned for and needed by many people. In a world where we’re often faced with increasing statistics of violence and less human interaction, the best types of kindness often come in the form of small, simple acts.  

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The Age of Power Meetings and Drive-thru Lunches

In an age of power-meetings and drive-thru lunches, self-care is a universal challenge for everyone. We need to break this chain of inactivity. How do we do this and where do we start? 

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The Time To Relax Is When You Don't Have Time
The first time I sat down to meditate my mind jumped from one thought (what am I going to make for dinner tonight?) to another (is the 2 minutes almost up?) to another (F*!? I suck at this!). A wandering mind is normal and mediation is called a practice because you can always get better at it and it will never be perfect.

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Big News for a Small Business
Today, we have an extraordinary favor to ask from you; we need you to vote. Okay yes, in the presidential election, but that's not what we're talking about here today. We need you to vote for GOOMI in Square's brassy contest. This contest honors those small businesses who've persevered, and been shamelessly bold as the name implies. So, why does this matter?

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The Receiving Project
Are you sick of not having what you want in your life? Are you ready to open up to the gifts in your life that are your birthright? It's time to open the energy channel of receiving. It's easy your life? Are you ready to open up to the gifts in your life that are your birthright? It's time to open the energy channel of receiving. It's easy and fun! All you have to do for the next thirty days is receive!

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Body Flows Yoga Retreats
This year we've partnered with Body Flows Yoga Retreats.  They are a great resource to find Yoga get-aways in your local area. 

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Happy work-anniversary to us, and to you!
Goomi just reached our one-year anniversary on August 19th. Here at Goomi, we believe that a great company culture is what attracts talented employees and keeps them long term. Let us help you keep your employees happy, healthy, and around year after year. 

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Get Out Of Town, Your Life Depends On It!

Developing a corporate culture that encourages employees to take vacations is a crucial element of any wellness program. Getting away from it all isn’t only healthy for your team; your company reaps the benefits too.

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5 Easy Ways to Take Care of YOU
Do you ever feel like you can’t make it off the busy treadmill of life to breathe?  Sometimes I feel so overbooked that it feels like I can’t possibly squeeze in one more thing.  I know I am not alone and that everyone feels this way from time to time. 

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New Year - New Launch
Goomi has had a great first year! To celebrate and to start the New Year off right, we are launching our brand new blog—a place where we can offer you health and fitness tips, plus ways to stay positive and find the balance in each day.

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