We’re super proud of you! You’ve been sticking to your resolution to be more active by working out on your lunch break. Or perhaps you’ve been getting your sweat on right before work at the corporate gym or maybe you’ve been pumping up after you clock out at an on-site group ex class. Whenever and wherever you’ve been doing it, we’re totally cheering you on for moving more!

This is a stellar habit to solidify into your routine, but let’s face it, exercise does present one teeny tiny practical challenge. Well, maybe it’s a little more than teeny tiny depending on how intense your activity is. Let’s get real here, freshening up on the fly is an art form and like any well-honed craft, it takes the right tools and a little practice to get it right. We’re here to ensure there’s no need to worry about post-gym funk. 

Here are some tips for getting into your at-work fitness plan and coming out smelling like nothing short of a rose (or whatever your preferred aroma is.) Even if unscented everything is your thing, we’ve got you covered for that too. 

Four Steps to Freshen Up after Your At-Work Workout

  1. Preparation is key

If you’ve been reading our blogs for a while, you’ll see a theme of preparedness. You simply can’t beat the old adage to be prepared! In this case, your prep includes foreseeing everything you’ll need to feel so fresh and so clean (clean) after engaging in your chosen fitness modality. The key is a well-packed gym bag and bringing it with you each day. That way, you’re not scrambling to find a hair tie or dry socks to get back to your desk on time. Prepare to succeed or set yourself up to fail!

  1. Pack that bag

Here are our gym bag essentials for post-workout primping:

  • Flip flops (for the locker room and shower) 
  • Quick-dry microfiber towel 
  • Shower cap (if you shower)
  • Multipurpose body/hair wash (if you shower)
  • Cleansing wipes for face and body (if you don’t) 
  • Deodorant (scented or unscented)
  • Dry shampoo, hairspray
  • Bobby pins, hair ties 
  • Makeup for touch up (powder or highlighter, multipurpose cream blush/lip color)
  • Fresh undergarments and socks
  • Laundry bag (for sweaty stuff)
  • “Sneaker Balls” shoe fresheners/deodorizers
  • Post-workout water and snack 
  1. Here’s exactly how to do it

While it may feel clunky at first and you’ll definitely be in fast-forward mode, cleaning up after working out will quickly become part of your fitness routine. For motivation, think of it as one last sprint interval to burn some extra calories.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Strip down. (Yup, just do it.)
  • Throw your sweaty sweats into your laundry bag. 
  • Stash the “Sneaker Balls” in your kicks to help dry them out and deodorize. 
  • If you shower, slip into those flip-flops and head to the spout with your multipurpose hair/body wash. If you’re not washing your hair, put on that ultra glam shower cap. 
  • Towel off with your quick-dry microfiber towel and fold it around you as a cover-up while you continue to get ready. 
  • If you don’t shower, put those cleansing wipes to use. Start with your face, moving behind the ears, to the nape of the neck, around the sides and down the front to your decolleté/chest area. We suggest doing the surfaces of your limbs and torso next and then finishing with your underarms and intimate areas, using a fresh wipe if necessary. Continue to use the microfiber towel for modesty and as a cover-up for the rest of the routine. 
  • Apply deodorant.
  • Optional: if you use any scents, this is the time, but be mindful of how much and how strong the aroma is for the sake of your co-workers.
  • Apply dry shampoo if needed (work into hairline and scalp with fingertips) and then blast your hair around the hairline and nape of your neck with a hair dryer on the cool setting. Use bobby pins and hair ties if you’re style is unsalvageable. A quick spritz of hairspray helps too. 
  • Touch up your makeup if you wear it. A quick powder blot or swipe of highlighter depending on the look you like and a little multi-use cream blush/lip color should do! You might even be able to skip this step with your post-workout glow. 
  • Toss the towel in your laundry bag, then slip into your fresh undergarments and socks, your work clothes/shoes and voilá! You’re office-ready. 
  • Hydrate and fuel up with your post-workout snack.

How to keep it going

You did it! Now, you just have a few steps to accomplish when you get home to complete your fitness victory. We suggest emptying your laundry bag right away so nothing gets to too skunky. If you’re reusing the towel, be sure to let it hang to air dry, otherwise toss everything in the washer. If you didn’t shower after your workout, there’s nothing like a quick rinse when you get home to set the evening into motion. Be sure to set out or pack your post-workout routine for a repeat the next day, so you can crush it again and again!

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