Many of us rely on our morning coffee to get us up and running.  But it seems every other day there is a new study about the positive and negative effects of drinking coffee.  I need my coffee just to keep up with all of them! 

If you are a “wake up and grab your coffee first” kind of person, you should be aware of the negative affects it can have on your body. This doesn’t mean you need to give up your coffee altogether, instead there is a simple solution – reach for a glass of water first!  This will help jumpstart your day the right way!  Here’s why:

Hydrate before you dehydrate!  Think about it…. when you wake up in the morning your body is dehydrated and thirsty – it has been hours since you have hydrated yourself.  If you reach for that cup of coffee first thing, you are putting a diuretic in your body that will dehydrate you even more.  Coffee stimulates your kidneys to send more sodium into your urine. Flushing away that sodium also flushes away body water which leads to dehydration.  Grabbing that water first counteracts that process.  It helps maintain your body’s water level and keeps those nutrients and minerals in your body thereby hydrating you.

Coffee on an empty stomach can be very damaging to your insides!  Drinking a glass of water before drinking coffee will help “coat” your stomach lining and cut down on the increased acid production coffee creates in your stomach.  Over time these acids – known as hydrochloric acids – can lead to mineral deficiencies, stomach diseases and digestive problems such as acid reflux and ulcers.  Water first will help minimize the acid production and the damage to your stomach. 

Water wakes up your body more efficiently than coffee!  Water helps your digestion and metabolism.  Your cells need water to eliminate toxins, hydrate and function efficiently.  When you wake up your body wants to eliminate what is in it – a glass of water helps do that by kick starting the body’s natural functions.  It can help with regularity of bowel movements and better digestion!  

Drinking warmer water in the morning helps flush you out. Studies show that drinking water first thing in the morning, particularly warm water or room temperature water, can help activate your internal organs which, in turn, flushes out the digestive system as well as the kidneys and bladder.  Cold water can shock your system, especially in the morning when our bodies tend to be internally warmer after sleep.  Warm or room temperature water is much gentler on the stomach and may be easier for your system to absorb. 

Water quenches your thirst and hydrates your brain better than coffee.  Which, in turn, helps you make better eating choices while increasing your energy level and your focus throughout the day!

 It’s easy, while you are brewing your morning coffee drink one or two glasses of water – your body and your brain will thank you for it!  Be nice to your body and it will be nice to you. Cheers!