An attitude of gratitude can make every day feel like Thanksgiving. Inspirational writer William Arthur Ward was keen to this relationship when he observed, “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”  Now that’s some powerful stuff! It’s also a perfect reminder of a way to influence your overall wellness throughout the holiday season and beyond.

But, is giving thanks really that good for you? The answer looks like it’s a YES! Research shows that gratitude positively affects your psyche, and it’s promising that it boosts your physical health too.

When The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley launched their online gratitude journal,, they fully expected to see positive results from the participants, but they didn’t anticipate just how amazing the impact of saying thanks would be. The site offered a simple practice of asking what people were thankful for each day, how often they felt this way and allowed them the opportunity to share their gratitude with others via email and social media. The participants were surveyed before and after engaging in two weeks of journaling and the results were astounding. Not only did they report more happiness and feelings of emotional wellbeing, but these grateful peeps also felt better physically. Aches and pains literally disappeared.

Maybe instead of popping two aspirin when a headache comes on, we should pop open our inner pharmacy by getting in touch with a couple of things we’re thankful for. Think you don’t have time to start a gratitude practice? Here are six moments you can take advantage of to offer some thanks and get some of that gratitude goodness: 

1. Rise and shine

First thing in the morning, before you get out bed. Repeat up to five things you’re grateful for in your head or keep a journal on your nightstand to jot them down. We call it the “grate wake” and it’s the perfect way to start your day.

2. The grateful grind

During your morning workout. Get in touch with your gratitude before you sweat. Simply utter whatever you’re feeling thankful for softly out loud or silently to yourself. Then, check in with it if it comes to mind, or better yet, at scheduled intervals during your session. Be sure to close by repeating it again before going on with your day. If your morning workout is a Goomi Group fitness or yoga class – you can do this by yourself or ask your instructor to work it into the format so the whole group can benefit.

3. Mealtime thanks

Before you eat. Before you put your hand on that fork, take a moment to ask yourself what makes you grateful. Repeat the answer to yourself a few times and then dig in. This is a great exercise in mindful eating too!

4. Outwit road rage

Pre and post commute. What if you could work that gratitude magic before road rage has a chance to creep in? Prior to starting the ignition, ground yourself with a deep breath and get grateful. Repeat whatever it is you’re thankful for to yourself a few times before you actually hit the road. When you arrive safely at your destination, turn off the ignition and get grateful once again to seal it in.

5. Mind-body connection

During meditation or yoga class. Check in with your thankfulness on your own, or request a gratitude-themed meditation or yoga class series from Goomi Group at work! Based on the promising research, spreading the gratitude at work could increase morale and maybe even productivity.

6. Sleep tight

Before bed. End your day on a positive note by clearly checking in with what makes you grateful in your life. This is a perfect opportunity to engage in an online gratitude journal or just to informally jot down five things you’re thankful for in a hard copy diary or even on a slip of scrap paper. Keeping a record of what you’re thankful for can come in handy to circle back to when life or work challenges occur. You can reference your journal as a “good stuff” receptacle for generating more good mojo in your life and all around you. So, enjoy some gratitude before you shut your eyes and have sweet dreams.

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