Wanna be a bad-ass? Well, at least you can workout like one! This class is flexible to serve the needs of everyone by combining aerobics, boxing, and martial arts. It’s a fun and intense total-body workout that improves strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

We are seriously sick of this sit. In fact, you’re probably sitting as you’re reading this right now. Sitting may be one of the greatest epidemics adversely affecting our health. Studies have shown that too much sitting affects your heart, damages your brain and is a detriment to your overall wellbeing. Kind of seems contrary to what’s typically demanded of us during our workday, but you don’t have to take this sit anymore.  Activity is the hero you’ve been searching for and although fitting it into your 9 to 5 can be a challenge, on-site workplace wellness offerings like fitness classes, can help add a dose of movement into your day. Bringing formats like Kickboxing, Bootcamp and Interval Training right to your office will lure staff out of their seats and into action.  Inspire some stunt status moves in a Kickboxing class. Suitable for everyone, kickboxing combines aerobics, boxing and martial arts into an action-packed blast. Typically set to music, you’ll learn combinations to get your heart pumping and improve your coordination, agility and balance. Just wear athletic shoes and clothing you don’t mind sweating in. Hand wraps and gloves aren’t necessary because don’t worry, this version is not a contact sport, but it will make you feel like champion of the world ready to take on any task! Sweat it out military style with no enlistment required in our Bootcamp or Interval Training Classes. Adjustable to all levels of fitness, this format combines cardio and strength training to work every muscle in your body. Even though you’re responsible for yourself, the group vibe and camaraderie created during these sweat sessions is undeniable and often carries over into improving office morale. Little or no equipment is needed for this team-building class, just be sure to wear proper footwear and workout clothes. The focus on functional fitness burns calories and improves the way you move in daily life, making this a worthwhile enlistment for anyone looking to move more and feel better. Add in exercise to your workday and reap the rewards like stress relief, fewer sick days, higher productivity and well, less sit!

Ready to get moving? Then, pursue fitness right at your place of business with GoomiGroup.com. We make it easy to bring corporate wellness offerings and on-site classes to your schedule before, during or after the workday.