You provide the lunch; we provide the learning! This less formal approach is an easy way to develop and motivate employees and can take place anywhere, anytime. Sessions may cover issues such as the importance of resilience in the workplace, sleep, exercise injury, meditation, and taking care of your heart. It’s brief and to the point. More importantly, it’s necessary to help your team lead healthy, happy, balanced lives.

There’s so much knowledge out there that can empower us to live happier, healthier lives in and out of the office. There are techniques we can use to increase our productivity, tips we can implement to lose a few pounds and hacks for improving the quality of our personal and professional lives. But, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to squeeze in every tidbit of learning we’d like to, even when we know that the time investment would pay dividends with the skills we’d acquire. So, until we get that 25-hour day we’ve been begging for, Lunch & Learns are a great way to squeeze some education in, especially when it comes to corporate wellness.

Here’s how it works. You provide the lunch - we provide the learning. This less formal approach is an easy way to develop and motivate employees. These sessions can take place anywhere, anytime and can even be scheduled at recurring intervals to build on topic content and enhance deployment of what’s learned. Sessions can cover topics like the importance of sleep, preventing exercise injury, implementing a meditation practice, and taking care of your heart. The content is brief and to the point, without missing a beat to help your team lead healthy, happy, and balanced lives.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring low-pressure learning to your staff. Lunch & Learns help make the most of every minute of the work day, build a stronger work culture and provide a concentrated moment to enhance your team’s morale. We suggest polling your team to see what topics interest them to ensure enthusiastic engagement in presentations. When you bring relevant and valuable lessons to the workplace, you can transform your whole office vibe!

Excited to use lunchtime for more than just a meal? Be sure to connect with us so we can take you on a tour of all the corporate wellness topics we can bring right to your cafeteria or boardroom.