Blending the flexibility and serenity of yoga with the strength and grace of ballet, Pilates focuses on the core muscles. It works to strengthen the abs and back muscles. We offer this course to everyone because who doesn’t want better abs and posture?

Dead Butt Syndrome. We didn’t make this up. It’s a very real consequence of sitting all day, and even if you have fancy stand-up or tread desk, you likely sit a lot more than is ideal during your workday.  Also known as “gluteal amnesia,” the condition occurs when the glute medius gets inflamed from the hip being in a prolonged flexed position. This leads to hip pain, lower back pain, problems with the ankles, and what is typically described as the bootie feeling as if it’s “fallen asleep.” In addition to targeted exercises to reawaken the glutes like resistance band side steps and side lunges, being active ten minutes for every hour sitting and engaging in a core strengthening program is essential for anyone who spends a little too much time at the desk throne.  The core muscles are primarily in your truck and include your pelvic floor, the transverse abdominus, which wraps around your spine for stability, the spinal erectors which lie on each side of the vertebral column, the internal and external obliques, aka your “side abs,” and the rectus abdominus, those muscles along the front of your abdomen that form the elusive six-pack. The glutes, lats and traps are also considered part of this muscle group, making the core a pretty big part of your body and a center of daily function worth putting some time into.

Perhaps no exercise modality is more known for its ability to improve and focus upon the muscles of the core, than Pilates. Created by Joseph Pilates, this low-impact exercise strengthens muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. The moves tend to target the core, although you’ll get an intense full body workout from the precise movements coupled with specific breath techniques. It’s like the flexibility and serenity of yoga got together with the strength and grace of ballet to create a fusion format for anyone who wants to improve their abs, conquer lower back pain and have formidable posture. You’ve probably seen the contraption, we mean equipment, known as The Reformer that Pilates is generally associated with, but it’s really a “no equipment needed” discipline, as mat classes harness all of the power of Reformer moves without the bulky, expensive equipment. For your on-site, mat Pilates class, wear comfortable clothing and socks and expect to learn varied routines of classic Pilates exercises like The Hundred, The Roll Up, Rolling like a Ball and Leg Circles that focus on the “Powerhouse” or center of your body. Besides being a killer way to combat Dead Butt Syndrome, Pilates is also considered to be a mind/body discipline that can help calm the mind, improve memory and muscle function, relieve stress and improve body image. It can also boost creativity and emotional regulation through it’s combination of focused attention and breathwork. Now that’s what we call a workday workout!

Want to schedule regular Pilates classes taught by experienced and certified instructors right at your office? Contact us at Goomi Group to see how we can bring core strength directly to your workforce.