Give your conference attendees a break. Stretch their bodies with fun team-building exercises, and break up the day to prevent it from blurring into one long parade of faces. Strengthen bodies and business relationships, while also improving information retention and focus throughout the day.

Turn on the TV and you’ll see characters in your favorite shows doing Downward Dog and Lotus postures. Shop for groceries and you’ll find Yogi Tea right next to Yoga Journal. Drive down the main drag of any town there’s probably yoga studio occupying prime real estate. Yoga is everywhere and for good reason. Yoga as a mind/body endeavor is now one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world. By 2020, over 55 million people are expected to be participating in private studios, gyms, online or even right at work with on-site corporate classes. That’s a lot of yogis getting physical benefits like improved fitness and flexibility and emotional perks like reduced anxiety and stress.

The word yoga means “union” and symbolizes the bringing together of mind and body that the discipline offers. Traditionally a system consisting of eight “limbs” that includes physical movements, breathwork, meditation and guidance for our attitudes towards ourselves and others, yoga is not a religion; it’s a system for holistic health. There are many styles of yoga, but the ones you’ll mostly likely experience at your gym or work link breath with postures for a full body workout that has a bonus of giving your mood a boost. You’ll see it called Hatha, Vinyasa, Flow or just plain old Yoga on the schedule of classes.  Yoga can be practiced just about anywhere with simple and inexpensive equipment. All you really need is a yoga mat, but props like blocks, straps and blankets can be helpful as you develop balance, flexibility and strength. These will most likely be available wherever you practice, but, the small investment in your own personal set of these portable tools can be worth the empowerment to take your yoga class home with you.  For your on-site yoga class, wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move in, with bare feet or grippy toe socks. Roll out that mat, grab your props and expect to experience bliss as you learn traditional yoga postures like Triangle, Forward Fold and Tree. You’ll practice breathing and meditation techniques and towards the end of class, experience guided relaxation in everyone’s favorite pose, Final Resting.  Float off your mat feeling blissed out, stretched out and workout out, but know you’ll also be getting additional benefits that can help improve your productivity, morale and bottom line. Because yoga has been shown to increase energy, reduce fatigue, relieve pain, release stress, improve concentration, boost creativity and perk up mood, yoga is the perfect discipline to add to any fitness program and to your office offerings!

Why not add to yoga’s everywhere presence by offering everyone at your office an expertly instructed class by our Goomi Group team? Get on the yoga train by connecting with us so we can bring the bliss right to your business.