Warm weather is here at last!  Time to venture into the great outdoors for some fun spring activities that will help you stretch both your body and your mind. The greenery of the spring landscape is perfect for relaxing outdoors, picnicking, exploring food festivals and flea markets, hitting the road on your bike — the list is endless.  Here are five ways to plan a local adventure that will take you outside and get you exploring.

1. Picnic in the Park

Leave your electronics at home, grab a meal and hit a nearby open space, be it the park, the beach or your local baseball field. Take time on the evenings, weekend and even during your lunch break to unplug and connect with your breathing, your friends, family and if you’re able to squeeze in a workout, even better.

2. Explore Your City 

Plan ahead and do something touristy in your own city.  Maybe you want to take a chocolate making class or grab some friends and play paintball or do a wine tasting tour.  Get outside and check out the variety of fun offerings your city has ready for you to experience.

3. Outdoor Movie Screening Under the Stars

Many cities often turn parks into outdoor venues for movie screenings in the evening. Gather friends, pack a picnic dinner, and enjoy the warm summer evenings with other film fanatics.  While it may not be a physical activity, relaxing and resting is so underrated, and the intimacy you create will friends and family by spending time together in a fun setting is great for your health, too!

4. Sign up for a Charity Road Race or Bike Ride.

Get in shape for a good cause! Research upcoming events and sign up! When you have something on the calendar to look forward to, you’ll have a reason to get out there and it holds you accountable. Make it happen.

5. Plan a Day Trip to the Beach

Depending on your location, a short drive can usually get you to a beach, river or lake. Pack a picnic lunch, sunscreen, towels, a good book — frolic and enjoy a relaxing beach day.  You deserve it!

Need helping planning an adventure?  Give us a call.  We can lead your team at work on a guided spring hike.