Kindness. It is a concept that gets tossed around, placed into hashtags, yearned for and needed by many people. In a world where we’re often faced with increasing statistics of violence and less human interaction, the best types of kindness often come in the form of small, simple acts. 

My son recently came home with a Kindness Task List that his teacher had instructed the students to try as many items on the list.  Now this is what I call homework!

So I figured, why not join him on this journey and invite you all along for the ride. If we each were to do our own small part, just imagine what’s possible. Here are a few simple gestures for you to try: 

1. Smile at a stranger. You never know if this simple act could be the catalyst that starts positive change surrounding their whole day.

2. Give a compliment. When we lift each other up, we all rise together.

3. Open the door for someone. Whether you know them or not, if you get there first, open the door for someone else. Showing each other patience and respect will breed that behavior in others.

4. Be courteous on your commute. Instead of inching ahead and squeezing others out, give up a little room to help with the merging process, and keep the flow of traffic moving along with your good karma.

5. Say thanks with a sticky note.  Appreciation goes a long way. Leave a quick note on a sticky to make someone’s day. 

6. Bring a healthy treat to your next morning meeting. Healthy workplace means happy workplace.

Have a great week!