Our chefs will create and prep the recipes of your choice—recipes your team will learn to cook in no time! We do the shopping and provide all necessary materials. We’ll even carry the groceries in for you!

If you’d describe your culinary skills more as Hell’s Kitchen than Top Chef, it’s ok. We all have stuff we can work on and if cooking isn’t your thing, there’s a way you can combine getting comfortable in the canteen with learning healthful eating hacks. Cooking Demos bring the caliber of Le Cordon Bleu right to you at work, but with none of the pretense and a lot less butter. We all know that healthy eating is powered by knowing what to shop for and how to prepare what you get. Our Nutrition programming is a super way to up your nourishment knowledge, but when it comes to turning on the burner, a Cooking Demo is a hands-on way to practice recipes that get Michelin Stars for how they treat your body and how they taste in your mouth! Plus, they’re a fun way to infuse practical food education into your corporate wellness curriculum.

What if you were empowered to prep Ahi Poke on Wasabi Wontons with Asian slaw? That’s right! You’d be the awe of the lunch crowd at work or your family around the dinner table. How does Tuscan Bean & Sausage Soup sound for a comforting meal chock full of healthy protein and complex carbs? Delicious! You know a Quinoa and Arugula Salad with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Asparagus would look great in those glass tupperware containers you bought at Costco. What if you knew how to make No Bake Granola Bars for the whole fam that save money and contain no junk or processed sugars? You’d make them! Prep a batch of Parmesan Pistachio Crisps on Sunday and you’ll have a super snack to power you through the week. And when the sweet tooth hits, you’ll be ready with an arsenal of goodies like Chocolate Chia Seed Avocado Pudding, Lemon Coconut Bites and Spiced Apple Crisps. Delish. So, fear the cutting board no more. Our chefs will create and demonstrate the recipes of your choice. We’ll shop for and prep and all the materials needed for the dishes your team will learn to cook. We’ll even carry the groceries in for you!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get cookin’ at your office - no kitchen necessary. Just bring your appetite and a palate anxious to explore new tastes and techniques. Sharpen those cooking skills and contact us today!