In an age of power-meetings and drive-thru lunches, self-care is a universal challenge for everyone – from the mailroom to the boardroom. We spend the majority of our time at work sitting behind a desk for countless hours a day.  Sedentary while at work, while driving to and from work, and even at home. We need to break this chain of inactivity.

 How do we do this and where do we start? The best approach to start at work by offering on-site fitness and wellness programs. It is as simple as providing employees with after work yoga classes, lunchtime meditation sessions, 10-minute massages, and healthy cooking demonstrations.  Rejuvenating employees during the day and encouraging them to continue healthy habits outside the workplace. What better way to increase communication with co-workers, than to sweat through a fitness class together or talk about the most recent creative solution you discovered in meditation.

Incorporating workplace wellness at your office is easy!

  • Start a walking group lead by a different person from the Executive Team

  • Encourage employees to take 3 minutes at 3pm every day to close their eyes and just breath

  • Host a Pot-Luck Healthy Snack Break, asking employees to bring recipes to share

Still not sure how to start? You can always call in the experts. Goomi Group works with employers to plan fun and relaxing wellness activities by bringing an elite group of fitness, yoga, meditation, massage, and nutrition experts directly to your work place.

These small changes create a ripple effect – helping everyone feel better and think better, so they can lead better; better lives, better organizations, better communities, and ultimately a better world!


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