The trampoline was an often forbidden privilege for us growing up. Tainted by stories of danger and precarious tumbles, our parents decided that acrobatics performed on a huge mat anchored by springs would be a rarely approved, adult-supervised-only occasion bumpered by a strong insurance policy. We caught our thrills at gymnastics or the occasional birthday party, but it wasn’t until our own adulthood that the benefits of bouncing sprung forward into the mainstream. The emergence of trampoline fitness focused brands and the release of upgraded, whisper quiet models have made “bouncercize” and “rebounding” a healthy pursuit for everyone to consider.

If you’re looking for a delightful and exciting way to get moving, recapture your childhood by jumping into a trampoline fitness routine. Here’s our top reasons why you should consider bouncing into summer:

Body Benefits

Moving around on a trampoline is more than just a good time. Although formal studies on the effects the low-impact, plyometric activity of rebounding are few, alternative health and fitness experts tout the benefits of it for health and wellbeing. A now famous NASA study found superior cardiovascular benefits garnered from springing on a rebounder than from running – in one third of the time. More efficient means time saved. And for busy professionals, working parents and the exercise averse, less time spent working out with similar or better results is a something to get bouncy about.

Physically, the action of jumping on a trampoline puts gravity to the test, which means every muscle group gets called upon to compensate, resulting in improved balance and coordination. The low impact bounce is also said to stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory system, helping to detoxify wastes. Plyometric exercise is  also key for strengthening bones and is excellent for improving cardiovascular fitness.

Beat Stress

A new study by the University of Vermont found that exercise was so effective at alleviating the symptoms of patients admitted for mental health challenges like anxiety and depression that it shortened their stays and even reduced the need for medication. If a little working out can be that effective for in-patient treatment, imagine what a daily dose of exercise on your mini-trampoline could do for you! Springfree, a manufacturer of backyard trampolines says 10 minutes of “bouncercize” can trigger endorphins, the happy chemicals your body releases during physical activity, suggesting that jumping can literally help put a spring in your step.

Bring Back Balance

Nonfatal falls account for a lot of emergency room visits. We’re talking over 9 million per year. The National Safety Council says that falls at work can happen anywhere, even at a “desk job.” They also say that falls are “100% preventable” and mention lots of safety precautions workers can take to help avoid them. But, remember how we mentioned earlier that jumping on a trampoline can help improve your balance and coordination? Rebounding might be just the modality your workforce needs to help avoid workplace injury. There’s even a specific study that shows older women improved their balance after 12 weeks of trampoline training.

Bang for Your Buck

Practically speaking, using a rebounder or mini-trampoline for health and fitness makes a lot of cents. (Sorry, we couldn’t help it!) It’s a relatively low-investment piece of exercise equipment you can easily store in your home or add to your group fitness facility. Some versions even fold up for easy storage! Many gyms and boutique fitness outlets now offer group rebounding classes which is a great way to try out equipment that may be new to you. We like Jumpsport and Bellicon for their commercial grade quality, but you’ll find starter models at your local discount retailer or on Amazon.

Fun will Abound

The repeated thrill of catching air beneath your feet and the sensation of freedom from tossing your body into an unbounded abyss results in sheer joy. How do we know this? Have you ever seen anyone jump on a trampoline and not have a nonstop smile? Giggling and toothy grins are unavoidable byproducts of launching upwards on a trampoline. If you enjoy it, you’ll do it, and in our book, that’s what embracing an active lifestyle is all about – doing what you love and being able to do it because you’re happy, healthy and functionally fit!

It’s for everyone!

Trampolines may seem like they’re just for kids or very brave adults, but fitness-specific models and increased safety features like handlebars, nets, and bungees make rebounding accessible for everyone from kids to seniors. Jumpsport even cites a University of Utah study that using a rebounder reduces stress on joints and muscles versus higher impact sports like walking and running, making it an appealing and low-risk activity for people of all sizes, fitness levels, ages and abilities.


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