You’ve got 14 BBQ invites, the neighborhood pool is set to open and you need to pull your “summer whites” out of storage. Memorial Day may have given your calendar an excuse for an extra day off, but it’s already looking jam packed with activities. We all know that overscheduling a long weekend can lead to that “need a vacation after your vacation feeling.” So, this holiday weekend, why not commit to filling your cup instead of draining it? After all, Memorial Day is a federal holiday where we remember and pay tribute to those who’ve lost their lives in service to the United States Armed Forces. It’s a perfect time to connect with yourself and those you love in a meaningful way. Imagine how refreshing it would be to roll into the office on Tuesday recharged and inspired tackle whatever comes across your desk! Well, that’s exactly how you can feel if you try a few of our tips for making Memorial Day Weekend more of a retreat than a blow out. And don’t worry, a BBQ or two, a dip in the pool, and donning your summer threads are totally included.

How to make Memorial Day Weekend a Recharging Retreat

Know your “Yeses”

Take a few moments to get connected with what you really need right now. Close your eyes,  get quiet and think about the things that bring you peace, happiness and comfort. When you open your eyes, jot these things down and then brainstorm/research activities that will fulfill these sensations for you. Maybe you need more sleep – so go to bed early, schedule your wake up time later and pencil in a cat nap. Perhaps you want to commit to healthy eating, so find three new recipes to prep as clean fuel for your staycation. If seeking peace is your goal, then discover a new yoga class or find a guided meditation app/YouTube video to practice each day. Need some grounding? Try a daily nature walk and never underestimate the focusing power of a good closet clean out. If interpersonal connection is on your list and we hope it is, make time for family and friends sans tech and distractions. Don’t forget to be picky and only choose the traditions that get a resounding YES when you ask yourself how you want to spend your precious time.

Time Block it

While leaving your schedule completely open may sound alluring, taking a systematic approach to your 72 hours of freedom will set you up to NOT have to figure things out in the moment and ultimately allow for more space to do exactly what you enjoy. Plus, you can always leave room for edits and flexibility. Decide how much time each activity or period of rest will take and then create a daily schedule with plenty of cushion between slots. Your day will have a natural flow and you’ll thank yourself for taking a few moments to prepare yourself for success.

Invite others to join you

If solo time is what you crave, by all means make that happen, but don’t forget that inviting others to join you for your long weekend retreat, either literally or just sharing the idea so they can create their own recharging experience spreads the goodness around. Community can be motivating and certainly will contribute positively to your motivation and accountability to fulfill your plans for three days of renewal. Don’t forget how great it is to have other people to share thoughts and ideas with and to reflect after completion. So, tell your co-workers, friends, neighbors and family to inspire a Memorial Day Weekend Retreat movement!

A Sample Time-Blocked Day for a Memorial Day Weekend of Wellness

7am Wake up (Sleep in an extra hour!)

7:15am Do a 20-minute guided meditation from The Mindful Movement on YouTube

7:45am  Coffee/tea with significant other/family

8:15am Try one of these Healthy Recipes for breakfast

10am – Yoga class at studio you’ve always wanted to try

12pm – Back home for shower, hang time and leisurely lunch

2p – Reading time outside, a cat nap, or unstructured relaxation

3:30pm – Take the family/friends to the park for frisbee golf and fresh cut watermelon

5pm – Home again for an hour or so of free time, maybe another nap or an Afternoon Meditation)

6:30pm – Head to the neighbor’s for your favorite BBQ party of the year. (Bring this fresh veggie side dish!)

9:30 pm – Return home for a relaxing hang around the backyard fire pit

10:30 pm – Treat yourself to a mini facial before bed with this skin treatment mask

11pm – Sweet dreams

Three days goes fast, so stay present and enjoy every moment. Your efforts to turn the gift of PTO into an energy reset can pay dividends. You’ll connect with yourself, your family, your friends and we bet the wellness you’ll bring back to work will last right up until Labor Day!

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