Who doesn’t like to root for the longshot? And when the unexpected takes the victory, it’s a cause for celebration. We’ve got news for you – that’s what Cinco de Mayo is actually all about! It’s an annual event to commemorate and celebrate Mexico’s win over European invaders at the Battle of Puebla. Often mistaken for an entirely different holiday – Mexican Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo has become a day to let loose and make merry while honoring Mexican culture and heritage.

Churros and margaritas may be on your Cinco de Mayo party menu, but if you’re thinking about whooping it up at the office, remember this universal truth: mixing liquor and co-workers seems innocent enough, yet all too often ends up badly. Now, we’re not saying that all corporate events should be dry, but if your team wants to avoid lampshades worn as headwear and regretful social media posts, then it’s probably a good idea to offer party beverages no stronger than a Shirley Temple. Plus, if you’re planning an on-site fete, keep in mind that many corporate campuses are policy-enforced alcohol-free zones.

The popularity of sober curious movements and efforts of health-conscious folks to avoid the pitfalls of alcohol sabotaging their nutrition efforts makes a non alcoholic festivity a great idea no matter the occasion. So how do you healthify your Cinco de Mayo and infuse it with wellness when it’s a holiday known for taquito and tequila-laden fiestas? We’ve got the perfect solution. In addition to putting out a healthful Mexican-themed munchie spread, why not serve Mock-a-Rita virgin cocktails that will delight your team without the risk of a hangover.

Here’s a menu that sure that’s sure to make your staff rock out with their guac out!

A Corporate-friendly Cinco de Mayo Fiesta to Taco ‘Bout

Mock-a-ritas – these “mock-tails” are the perfect combo of sour, sweet and refreshing! Make a batch and pre-portion into cups garnished with citrus slices, and a rim of sea salt and coconut sugar. Or offer these self-serve style in pitchers or a punch bowl. Don’t be afraid to add flavorful variety to the recipe by muddling in fresh berries, pineapple or mango.

Easy Guacamole with Chile-Lime Jicama Chips – the beloved avocado takes center stage when cool, crisp jicama is used an alternative to fried corn chips for dipping! Dazzle your officemates by introducing them to this versatile veggie also known as Mexican turnip.

Make Your Own Taco Bar – elevate the fried shell, ground beef and cheese combo to a a colorful, plant-based and super healthful buffet of flavors. This taco bar spread is a beautiful way to introduce new flavors and foods to your co-workers and will impress omnivores and vegetarians alike.

Baked Mini Churro Bites – these sweet treats are just the right bite-size and baked, not fried! Experience a taste sensation when you dip these yummies into the simple-to-make mango caramel sauce. And in the true spirit of Cinco de Mayo, even though these may be the underdog at first glance, they’re easily victorious over the greasy, sugar-crusted street version when it comes to a perfectly portioned dessert.

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