Get Healthy Together

If you want to get your fitness routine started, consider teaming up with a friend. Studies show that working out with a buddy can help with motivation and accountability, plus make workouts more fun. When picking a workout buddy, make sure to select someone who is reliable. That person should be positive, motivated, responsible, and have a similar schedule to yours. 

Here are our top 5 reasons for working out with a partner:

1. Motivating each other.  Celebrating each other’s victories and encouraging each other on the days when you need it, makes fitness so much more fun.

2.  Keeping each other accountable.  Set it up on the calendar, and if your buddy doesn’t show up, then they buy post-workout smoothies next time.

3.  Make it a whole lot more fun. Meet for a Zumba class, take your dogs for a long walk together, do a stair climb at the local park.  Change is good for the mind and challenging for the muscles.

4. Ensure your success.  The power is all in the plan.  By putting it on the calendar, you’re more likely to make it happen and schedule everything else around it.

5.  Push each other through extra reps. Raise the bar and push each other to go further.

Looking for support along the way?  Why not throw in a Goomi class into the mix?  We’ll take out the guesswork and plan it all for you by bringing fitness to the office and you’ll build up your relationships with your co-workers along the way.

Keep up the good work!