Who doesn’t love the idea of pushing a button to better health?

Of course, if it were that easy, this kind of equipment couldn’t be manufactured fast enough. While a one touch solution may not be viable quite yet, there are certainly a slew of devices, backed by technology, that exist to support your journey to better health.

Before we get into some of our favorites, let’s clear something up; just purchasing a piece of fancy fitness tech isn’t going to result in losing ten pounds, jogging a 5k or only eating healthy meals. These gadgets aren’t magic buttons, but they can act as an accountability partner and be a catalyst to support healthy behaviors. You still have to do the work.

That being said, let’s start with something you might already have – a smartwatch. These wearable pieces of fitness tech track multiple activities and can be a source of powerful data. But, data is all about what you do with it. Just wearing a smartwatch isn’t going to increase your steps to 10,000 a day – you have to put one foot in front of the other! It’s likely companies have noted this user-end challenge because several models now include coaching and workout features to transform the area between your hand and forearm into a virtual personal trainer. Engage and follow the programs and the initial investment will pay dividends in results. 

Can fitness tech help trigger the motivation to utilize that fancy purchase? We think so!

Case in point: surrounding yourself with health consious friends gives you a push in the right direction. Good thing there’s an app for that! Download LoseIt!, MyFitnessPal or SparkPeople for access to an entire network of people on the highway to health.

The beauty of the social networks these apps create is that you’re never alone when faced with a challenge. Someone else out there is also probably trying to decide between a lean grilled chicken salad or greasy chicken chow mein. Tracking your food can be accomplished with the snap of a photo, your activity will be automatically logged, and a virtual high five is as easy as logging in.

Let’s not forget that technology can make movement fun.  Music and fitness are almost as good of a combination as chocolate and peanut butter, but wearing headphones can be uncomfortable and clunky. Plus, being wired to your device can create all sorts of Twister-worthy tangles. These days, wireless headphones abound and they can be one of the most essential pieces of hardware you add to your collection. The freedom you’ll feel being unbound from your device only elevates the tunes, podcasts and audiobooks you can add to your workouts.

There’s lots of contraptions when it comes to activities, but down time is also critical for wellness. Stillness is a difficult task to accomplish within our busy lives, but wearable devices and apps can make the task of non-doing more attainable. Browse your mobile device’s app store for a variety of meditation app choices or dive into the latest brain activity-sensing headbands. Whatever, you do – learning to not do may be one of the most important facets of your wellness journey.

And even more importantly for any healthy lifestyle, there’s gadgets to help support your sleep routine. If your sleep is compromised – then so are you! The best part is, your smartwatch or phone is probably already loaded with the power to track and encourage a consistent sleep pattern. Want more? Check out the latest sleepwear that’s designed to improve your snoozing experience.

The bottom-line? Technology can provide tools to empower you to achieve the state of health and wellness you desire. Just be sure sure to utilize what you invest in. Goomi is here to help you do just that within your workday! Check out the fitness, nutrition and wellness offerings we bring right to your office at GoomiGroup.com.