Craving a little change? More specifically, is there something you would like to transform in your life? Maybe a habit that needs breaking or a behavior that needs beginning? Perhaps you need to switch something up for your physical or mental health, for your personal and professional relationships, or maybe for all of the above.

It’s no secret that change is well, hard. Let’s face it – it can be downright challenging and painful to undertake, but it can also be supremely rewarding and ultimately life-altering. You can break a pattern, start new habits and change your life, you just need to know how.

So, what’s the secret to being successful at change and sticking to everlasting new habits? It’s all about your readiness and once you’re raring to go, the process. Here’s our formula for being a boss at change. 

#1 Assess Your Readiness

An assessment sounds so formal and scary, but it’s the most important part of the change making process. If you’re not really ready you’re not going to be able to make and maintain change.

Most theoretical models for change include initial steps for indicating readiness. The first level includes accepting the status quo and likely, even being resistant to change. There’s no change happening here. It then moves onto a stage where consideration of the possibility of doing things differently arises. Maybe you start to follow social media accounts that showcase healthy eating or you begin watching YouTube  videos of an exercise modality that interests you. This is an indication that change may be on the horizon.

If you find yourself at this juncture, you can formally ask yourself if you really want to make this change in your life. If the answer is yes, super! You can now do an inventory of both positive and negative consequences of the new behavior or habit. Really consider all the implications on your lifestyle, your relationships, your career … Once you’ve done this, if you’re still intent on moving forward, desire is present and you’re ready! Now, you can move on to the next step – Prepare and Plan.

#2 Prepare and Plan

Let’s say you’re all set to go from a sedentary lifestyle into a more active one. You’ve assessed your readiness, researched activities that interest you, started reading some yoga blogs and watching instructional videos. You’ve determined you’re truly ready and committed to starting a yoga program. So now, it’s just like the Boy Scouts say, you’ll need to prepare for making this change in your life. Tasks like shopping for a mat and researching in-person classes to take are part of your preparation.

You should also think of anything that might sabotage your change and ready yourself to meet that challenge. For example, if you know that in order to squeeze in a yoga practice before work on the days there aren’t Goomi classes at your office, you’ll need to wake up 30 minutes earlier – so prepare for this.

Prepping might also include setting out your yoga mat and cueing up a video the night before your morning home practice. You might pack your gym bag with your yoga clothes and mat and bring  along a healthy lunch that’s easy to eat at your desk on Goomi class days.

It’s also a good idea to communicate your intention for change to your family, close friends and even your co-workers as part of setting yourself up for success! If you speak it out, it makes it real and then you’ll have a village of people to hold you accountable and support you. This is all part of the preparation process and is essential for a smooth transition.

Next, you’ll need to make a formal plan for what you’ve prepared, which in this case, would be a schedule for your yoga practice, setting alarms for your wakeup schedule and arranging an after-school activity or childcare for your kids on days you hit a studio class after work. (Good thing your office brings in Goomi twice a week for lunchtime classes – those are easy to get to!) Be sure to put your new habit or program physically into your calendar. Make daily appointments that you stick to, just like you do with meetings and doctor visits. 

#3 Execute

This is where you pull the trigger and just do it. Get up when the alarm clock goes off early. Go to your lunchtime classes. Skedaddle from the office to the yoga studio after work. Whatever you’ve planned – just do it. And keep doing it. “They” say it takes 21 days to break a behavior or develop a new habit, but don’t think you’re scott free after three weeks. Newer studies say it takes around 66 days, and you can count 90 days to form a new lifestyle according to the 21/90 rule. Keep in mind – everyone is different. So just keep going! Trust us, you’ll know when change sticks and it will if you follow these steps. 

So what’s stopping you from being a boss at change? Remember, Goomi is here to support your resolution for transformation! If healthier living and wellness is a part of the life you want to live, then we can bring it directly to your office to make committing a little easier. Find out more at