When work takes you out of town, you don’t have to give up your exercise, meditation, yoga, nutrition, or sleep routine. With a little planning and a touch of discipline, you can maintain your healthy habits and maybe even be inspired to try new ones! Here at Goomi, we’re well versed in taking health and wellness with us wherever we go. These are some tips that keep us on our path.

1. Make a conscious decision and commit

Before you even pack your bags, pledge to stick to your exercise and eating plan. A business trip isn’t necessarily a vacation, so it doesn’t need to be an excuse to divert from your daily walk, meditation, balanced eating or sleep ritual. Take a dedicated moment to promise yourself you will continue on your healthful path while you’re away. Write it down or create a note on your phone if that’s more effective for you!

2. Plan your sessions

Being on the road doesn’t mean your good-for-you lifestyle has to go on a trip too. A little preparation goes a long way when there are miles between you and home. Just like the convention you’re attending segments your schedule, make a date with your yoga, jogging, resistance training, mindfulness or all of the above and include it in your daily agenda. Here are some ways we use the planning process to stay on track:

– Find the time. Even mini self-care increments can be effective!  As little as three minutes of meditation can be powerful for grounding, focus, and staying ahead of the travel hustle bustle. Google “3-minute Meditation” and find a wealth of guided resources for almost instantaneous bliss.

– Schedule your sleep. Really – as in, put your bedtime and wake up call in your calendar. Time zones and new surroundings can interrupt sleep patterns. Do your best to be in bed by a specific time so you can get adequate zzz’s. There’s nothing worse than being off your game because of a lack of pillow time! Try these strategies from the National Sleep Foundation to fend of jet lag.

–           Scope out accommodations that support your wellness and stay there. Look for loaded hotel gyms or surrounding parks and trails. Some hotels even offer in-room yoga mats and treadmills with accompanying programming on the in-room Smart TV – so take advantage.

– There’s an app for that! Utilize Yelp to find nearby restaurants and grocery stores ahead of time that offer fuel aligned with your plan. Just type in “healthy food” and let the reviews guide you.

– Use the trip as a way to discover what you love to do. Did you know you could use Class Pass in 40 cities? The discount program let’s you try fitness classes at a variety of studios. There’s nothing like trying a new modality to inspire you with innovative moves and group energy.

– Make friends with the hotel concierge. Call ahead of time and ask about the hotel’s fitness amenities or surrounding area resources. Nearby gyms, boutique studios, pools, massage therapists, personal trainers and restaurants often offer discounts to hotel guests, so don’t forget to ask about perks during your stay. 

3. Pack more than just clothes and toiletries

We know baggage weight limits can affect what you bring along, but even if you’re going minimal, stashing a few essentials can be a lifesaver when the only thing to eat on the plane or at an out-of-town meeting is a fried sugary fat bomb. Don’t fall into the trap of indulging just because it’s in front of you – have an option handy. And if there’s nowhere to workout, it’s amazing what you can do in your hotel room with just your body and a YouTube video

Here are a few more ideas for your healthy survival kit:

– Protein bars (We’re currently obsessed with RX Bars.)

– Protein/collagen/green powders

(Transfer these into a resealable bag with the scoop and don’t forget a shaker cup.)

– Jerky, trail mix and tuna/salmon packs

– Multivitamin and Wellness Supplements 

(We love EmergenC and  Wellness Formula to fend off travel bugs and Natural Vitality Calm for pre-bedtime magnesium.)

– Resistance Bands

(Because they’re lightweight, take up virtually no space in your luggage and there’s nothing like a little muscle pump for energy before a big meeting. Try this 5-minute full body workout.)

4.  Be flexible

We don’t mean in your hamstrings – although that’s a body bonus! Your workouts and meals might not look exactly the way they do at home and that’s ok! Be easy on yourself if things don’t go exactly according to plan. If you can only dedicate a few minutes to your mindfulness practice, have to cut a workout short or the kitchen cooked your chicken breast in a stick of butter – it’s ok. Just do your best! As long as you mostly stick to your plan, you can be confident that your business trip won’t derail your wellness goals.

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