Guilt-Free Vacation Splurges

Vacation and food, food and vacation—what a glorious pairing! But somewhere around the third slice of pineapple cheesecake in Hawaii or the tenth campfire s’more in Yosemite, guilt creeps in: “I can’t wait to get back on track after vacation.” 

Why not stay “on track” during vacation? We’re not talking in a restrictive sense—that would be no fun! Rather, let’s take a more mindful approach to our vacation food splurges and eat for the pure pleasure of it, recognizing we don’t have to cut out ice cream and cocktails in order to stay on track. 

Before we share some of our favorite guilt-free menu items, here’s a little food for thought:

Indulge strategically.

You’re on vacation, so eat the chicken fettuccine, the slice of blueberry pie, the clam chowder bowl. It’s not so much about making the wisest choice as it is making your favorite choice—and then stopping right there. Indulge in one thing per day, not in everything every day. If you get the Oreo milkshake, don’t also get the bacon cheeseburger; save that for tomorrow. You can call it “my one splurge.”

Beyond “my one splurge,” am I stuck with celery sticks and lemon water the rest of the day?

Not at all. After splurging on buttery, syrupy pancakes (because you can—those could be your vacation splurge for the day!), just make super-delicious, naturally-nutritious food picks after that. 

Of course, there are the obvious healthy choices, like lettuce-wrapped sandwiches and fresh fruit (which is everywhere this time of year). But here are a few you may not have thought about:

Shrimp Cocktail

Packed with protein and iron, shrimp cocktail is super low in calories. And cocktail sauce isn’t too shabby, either. It adds incredible tang without a ton of fat and calories.

Island Mimosas

Put a couple chopped strawberries into a mixing glass, squeeze in a lemon wedge. Add 1 ½ oz Banana Rum and ice, and shake. After straining into a champagne flute, pour in 2 oz sparkling wine. And there you have it: 150 calories of tropical refreshment!


Sizzling meat and veggies, come to mama! But request to have the steak, chicken, and/or shrimp grilled, not sauteed in oil. Also, skip the sour cream and guac, and stick to two tortillas.

Veggie Pasta

What they’re doing to pasta dishes these days—spiralized veggies in lieu of carby pasta—it’s fantastico! Restaurants are serving up such dishes as Garlic Parmesan Zucchini Noodles and Sweet Potato Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce. (Oh, and about the sauce, go easy.)


Did you know that the typical half-cup serving of gelato is only 100 calories and 3 grams of fat? Why, you could go for two scoops without breaking the calorie bank!

Steamed Mussels

Maybe this wouldn’t be your first choice, but they’re delicious! And when you add freshly squeezed lemon and a sprinkle of garlic, they make for a low-fat, low-calorie dish! 

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