When it comes to corporate health fairs, good intentions are not enough. A lot of planning and investment goes into these events and the payoff is often merely material: a tote bag filled with a plastic water bottle, a kitchen magnet and a notepad. Furthermore, the next steps to a healthier lifestyle may be unclear.

What if the outcome of your company’s health and wellness event was inspiration, motivation, education –  tools for real change and even instant results? Here are the answers that will ensure you have a successful on-site health fair:

What is a health fair?

It’s an on-site opportunity for employees to be able to immerse themselves in health topic initiatives, education, prevention, screenings and awareness. Office health fairs bring experts and service providers directly to your people. Since work (and the associated stress) can be a factor in people creating unhealthful lifestyle habits and “not having time” to take action, an at-work health fair solves this challenge by putting health topics front and center on your team’s desktop. It’s a perk and a great way to show your staff you care with the mutual benefit of healthier and happier employees.

What are the different kinds of health fairs?

Historically, a health fair conjures up images of vendors set up at tables in a conference room. The day may be riddled with sign up sheets and promotional goodies like water tumblers. Well-meaning, these events get stroll-by engagement from your team and the end result of a stack of business cards that’s probably going to end up in the bin. There are also health fairs that present the opportunity for some type of health screening, test or initiative kick-off like smoking cessation, but these have been criticized for their potential for misdiagnosis and false marketing claims.

A new kind of health fair is being pioneered by select corporate wellness entities like Goomi Group, a nationally available service-provider who brings health offerings directly to the office. Deemed an experiential health fair, these events are interactive, facilitated by educators (not salespeople) and go way beyond shaking hands with vendors. Experiential health fairs immerse employees in hands-on activities, outcome-driven education and high-touch experiences that give them the experience of self-care and healthful practices, and have instant results.

Why is the Goomi Group on-site office health fair different?

Goomi Group founder, American Heart Association ambassador, and experiential health fair advocate, Mika Leah explains, “A typical health fair, with vendors and chatzkes is not going to make you want to take action. Getting a water bottle doesn’t make you want to take a walk at lunch. Our fairs give you a feel from educators who want to help your employees make a change, not to make a sale.”

She goes on to detail how this kind of health fair can be a transformative experience, “When health fairs offer something hands-on, they teach you something about yourself. During a yoga session or chair massage, our participants may learn they carry stress in their shoulders, or that their back pain can be improved. This motivates them to seek out self-care practices and proactive solutions, which ultimately helps them and their job performance.”

Leah explains how her on-site corporate wellness company has discovered the key to added value when it comes to health fairs, “We’re inspiring employees to take action and also showing them how.

What does it take to plan a health fair?

From sourcing vendors and sponsors, gathering goodies, seeking out the space, to the actual set up and tear down, it’s a lot of work. That’s why Goomi Group provides a turn-key solution customized for your business’ unique needs. All you need to do is provide the space and a power outlet.

Here’s what your Goomi Group health fair could look like:

  • Massages: 15-minute by-appointment massages.
  • Nutrition Consults: One-on-one with a nutritionist allows employees to get answers.
  • Boardroom Yoga: Fantastic intro to yoga with no mats or change of clothes needed.
  • Meditation session: Learn and practice a guided mindfulness technique.
  • Cooking Demo: Done during lunchtime to give people a taste of healthy eating via simple cooking techniques using two to three recipes. (No kitchen needed, just a 6 ft. table and a plug.)
  • Fitness: End of day fitness class of your choice. (Bootcamp, Pilates, Kickboxing and more!)

Bruce Lee said, “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” The Kung Fu Master’s wisdom applies for why it’s time to move beyond a vendor health fair and choose an experiential health fair as part of your company’s workplace wellness initiative.  

Want to bring an experiential health fair on-site to your office and set your people up for success? Then take us up on our complimentary consultation to customize your event for your company, budget and culture. Visit GoomiGroup.com to learn more and start today.