How Can a Wellness Program Benefit Your Employees?

Our nation is leading in “sick care” instead of healthcare. The morning news is full of reports that the U.S. spends more money on healthcare than any other country. Regrettably, we’re not talking about preventative health measures like corporate wellness programming. But, you can be part of the change!

Corporate Wellness is a sound investment with benefits that echo beyond the positive health gains. When a company implements the right corporate wellness program, employees not only feel cared for (which promotes better loyalty and retention rates), but their participation leads to better health, less stress, fewer missed days of work, and higher productivity. So how do you choose the right program for your team? 

Get the Right Corporate Wellness Program 

We know that choosing a corporate wellness program can be tough. But, don’t let it be a barrier to bringing better health to your team. Start by looking for a wellness provider who fits with your company culture and whose offerings excite both leadership and employees. Once you’ve narrowed it down, use these two factors to guarantee compliance and success:  

  1.     Comprehensive Programs Work Best

A comprehensive wellness program offers physical activity and health education, plus it is customizable with a unique combination of courses to meet the specific needs and desires of your employees. When looking at pre-set wellness programs versus comprehensive programs, the latter is the most effective type of program1. Effectiveness is just one of the benefits of choosing Goomi Group as your wellness program provider to help your company reach its maximum potential.

  1.     Leader Support is Critical

Leadership buy-in boosts the team from the top down. The support and participation of a company’s top leaders in wellness programs are paramount to magnify employee engagement. When leaders create a culture where healthy living is prioritized and exemplified, it will lead to a higher success rate with the wellness program you choose2. Goomi Group’s on-site, in-office wellness programming is customizable and convenient for busy upper management and hourly employees alike. 

The Perfect Office Wellness Program Leads to Health and Productivity:

Studies show that participating in sessions like yoga, mindfulness, and massages reaps numerous health benefits1. When employees participate in fitness, complementary activities, and holistic healthcare practices, they are more likely to feel healthier. But, what’s the benefit of having healthier employees?

A recent study1 was conducted with clients from Goomi Group and the results displayed a strong relationship between reported stress, overall health, and productivity. Employees with higher levels of overall health identified that they were less stressed and also more productive. By offering a comprehensive wellness program for employees to participate in, you have the potential to improve the quality of life of your employees while simultaneously increasing the productivity of your company. Now that’s a win-win. 

An Ideal Fitness and Wellness Package is an Intelligent Investment:

It might feel counterintuitive to have employees spend valuable “work time” participating in a wellness program; however, regularly participating in a user-friendly, in-office wellness program can relieve stress, improve health, and increase productivity over time. Those 30 minutes investing in wellbeing at work can have monumental positive impacts on your team personally and professionally and on your company’s output, morale, and success!

Ready to customize a Goomi Group corporate wellness program for your team? Reach out to us for a complimentary consultation and learn more about how we can bring health and wellness directly to your office! Just CLICK HERE to get started!

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